Hi, Marko

I have a lots of hobbies: cooking, fashion, music, theatres, books, cinema,video but also certainly sports. I regularly go on shaping and sometimes play table tennis. I like to eat healthy food (salads, vegetables, fish, seafood, chicken of course). I am a main cook in our family. I like travelling; however I have never been abroad. I can only dream of it. That is one of my most favourite dreams.

You can definitely be the one I was looking for all my life if you like me at least from my little description.

I would love to see your pictures, is it possible??? You can share them with me at http://*.net/kissme] , certainly I am sending you some pictures afterwards with hope that you will like them.

All the best

Kat S



What I do in my leisure time?

I like skating, going out with my friends in night clubs and relax in cosy cafes. Can’t imagine my summer vacation without hot sun and the beach.

The type of man that I desire:

I want to meet a strong, gentle,polite, attractive,active,outgoing, with a good sense of humour man. My man has to love expensive cars and comfortable life.:)

My future goals are:

I dream of launching my own advertising company,which will be in the future world-known. I want to live my life bright and make it interesting, to visit as many wonderful places as I will be able like Greece,NYC and especially Venice.

About my family:

I have parents and a sister, but i live separately. I want to be independent and prepare myself for my own future family.

My typical day:

Well, I do like sleeping , so it’s hard to wake up early in the morning for me.:)When i finally wake up:), i do my make up and go to the university.After classes i have dinner with my friends:)I’m often online, chatting with my friends:)

Domestic abilities:

I like washing if there is a washing-machine:),I do like cooking, if there is a cook chief:)

Our personal opinion of this Lady:

This girl is charming,open-minded,out-going and very sexy.:) She is aimed and has a good sense of humour.

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