iPhone开发日记:IDP激活遇到障碍"Program Activation On Hold"

昨天按照“iPhone开发日记:申请开发者IDP认证”的步骤进行,由于国内信用卡的原因,只好填写Purchase Form并且传真到了+1 (408) 862-7602,然后就是等其在24小时回复。(ps,用17909 ip电话来传真回便宜一些)


早上收到激活邮件,在Developer网站激活。但是给了个错误,说“Program Activation On Hold”,大意是Erollment information和credit card的information不匹配,需要下载一个身份验证表格Identity-Verification-Form,并传真。表格需要填写Erollment ID还有律师的授权信或者带有头像的政府签发的身份证明。

想来想去,大体明白问题原因所在。在Erollment Information中的Name是:名+姓,信用卡片上姓名的 姓+名。乖乖,又是这种问题。上次是取Google Adsense的西联汇款的时候了。传真的话说处理时间为几个工作日,那先发邮件吧。

然后用英文给devenroll@apple.com发邮件,balabala,大意是说 姓+名 和 名+姓 是中国人姓名的两种习惯拼写方式,所以请activate我的账户,另外附件Identity-Verification-Form的PDF扫描件。

ChinaDev仍然没有回邮件,不过收到了devenroll的邮件,说调查了问题,账户的hold on已经删除,用之前的激活码重新激活即可。

We are following up with you regarding your recent iPhone Developer Program purchase.

Your order information did not sufficiently match your enrollment information and as a result the ability to activate your Program was placed on a temporary hold. We have reviewed the issue and have removed the hold on your Program activation. At this time, we ask that you please refer to the original activation code email that you received and click through the link once again.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.

Best regards,



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